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  • How to remember names & faces - business and social events
  • How to remember calendar dates and appointments
  • How to remember school work and test material
  • How to do public speaking without notes!
  • How to remember job requirements, product numbers, specs
  • How to remember where you put the car keys
  • How to prepare for job interviews - and wow them!
  • How to remember long and short numbers, phone numbers
  • Be confident in all situations

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[Nov. 8, Brooklyn, NY] A true honor. Barry was invited to speak at the Annual International  Conference of Chabad Rabbis.

" you must focus on the person's distinguishing features. For example, let's say you meet someone with a long beard and wearing a black hat...."


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The Memory Shock Perpetual Calendar.

Keep this perpetual Calendar (1600-2299) on your desktop.
What day of the week were you born on? What day of the week was July 4, 1776?

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and commit all seven centuries to memory!





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